Mother & Child Welfare OPD

Counselling and regular health check-up for Mothers and to be Mothers, impact of family planning, POCD, Uterine Fibroids, Gestational Diabetes, Eclampsia. And for Child wellbeing-all Developmental Disorders, IQ Testing, Diagnosing, and Treatment.  

We at Niramaya, believe that a child is life’s greatest gift and pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences one can go through. We can ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy, with the help of our team of Pregnancy doctor providing you with the best pregnancy care. We’ll ensure the holistic well-being of you and your baby is taken care of.

As India’s first of few holistic healthcare centres dedicated to woman and childcare, we understand the complexities of women’s health. We care for women of all ages, addressing conditions in areas of adolescence, pre-marital counselling, early pregnancy, sexual health, breast care, hysterectomy, urinary incontinence other gynaecological issues. We also provide comprehensive “Well Woman” check-ups as a diagnostic screening tool at Niramaya.

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